Monday Technology Series

INFOGRAPHIC – SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

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Monday Technology Series

SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Definition SQL Databases – These are relational databases. NoSQL Databases – These are non-relational or distributed databases. Data Storage Types SQL Databases – Single way to store data. NoSQL Databases – Multiple ways to store data – key-value stores, document stores, wide-column stores, graph stores. Data storage models SQL Databases – Data is stored in a table where… Continue reading SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Tuesday Big Data Series

SQL and HiveQL query examples

Well, we know that HiveQL is very similar to SQL. The detailed Hive Language Manual describes all the important functions and semantics that are used in Hive. Please find below some examples to get you started on Hive. If you have been using SQL in the past and are familiar with the semantics, see how you can use… Continue reading SQL and HiveQL query examples