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What is a Landing Page?

In lay man terms, a Landing Page can be any page on the web where a visitor can arrive on, but with a purpose. Now, we know that, a website is built of multiple pages. But a Landing Page serves a very important and a distinct purpose. Its goal is to capture visitors information or… Continue reading What is a Landing Page?

Wednesday Marketing Series

Clickable display of Marketing Technology LUMAscape

LUMAscape¬†organizes¬†companies into various sectors and maintains landscapes, one of them which is the Marketing Technology landscape. We have tried to present a clickable ( or searchable) form of this display. Some of these companies have been acquired and they have been redirected to the current company that has acquired it. Sales & Marketing EMAIL OPTIMIZATION… Continue reading Clickable display of Marketing Technology LUMAscape

Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the week – Apache Storm

Apache Storm is a system for processing streaming data in real time. Built on top of YARN, it is powerful for real-time analytics, machine learning and continuous monitoring operations. Some of the important characteristics of Apache Storm are – It is a distributed real-time computation system for processing large volumes of high-velocity data. It is… Continue reading Term of the week – Apache Storm

Thursday Management Series

INFOGRAPHIC – 10 ways to motivate your team

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Wednesday Marketing Series

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of attracting customers and prospects into leads. So, what is a Lead? A Lead is a person who shows some interest in the company’s product or service in some way or the other. Let’s say someone filled a survey or enquired about a product on a website. This person becomes… Continue reading What is Lead Generation?

Tuesday Big Data Series

INFOGRAPHIC – HDFS and it’s features that make it so awesome!

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Monday Technology Series

INFOGRAPHIC – SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

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