Thursday Management Series

An introduction to Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming or XP as it is widely known is a software development methodology, with the goal to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. It has the following goals – Have shorter development cycles and frequent releases. Produce higher quality software more productively. Have checkpoints to accommodate new or changing customer requirements. Extreme… Continue reading An introduction to Extreme Programming

Monday Technology Series

SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Definition SQL Databases – These are relational databases. NoSQL Databases – These are non-relational or distributed databases. Data Storage Types SQL Databases – Single way to store data. NoSQL Databases – Multiple ways to store data – key-value stores, document stores, wide-column stores, graph stores. Data storage models SQL Databases – Data is stored in a table where… Continue reading SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Thursday Management Series

The Role of a Scrum Master in a Scrum

A Scrum Master facilitates a Scrum. Now, let us dive a little deeper and understand what this means. Firstly, as the name suggests, he is the Master of the Scrum. That means, he knows everything about the scrum process and how it should be implemented in a project. He ensures that the team follows the agreed Scrum… Continue reading The Role of a Scrum Master in a Scrum