Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the Week : Agile

The term Agile or Agile Methodology refers to an alternative to traditional project management.Instead of using the typical waterfall model, it uses an incremental or iterative approach called as Sprints. This methodology is given preference over to the traditional methods because it promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid… Continue reading Term of the Week : Agile

Thursday Management Series

The Role of a Product Owner in a Scrum

In the last article for the Thursday Management Series, we discussed what Scrum is all about and we also discussed in brief the three roles that are a part of a Scrum – Product Owner Development Team Scrum Master Development Team, I guess, is self-explanatory and does not need any further explanation. This article will focus on… Continue reading The Role of a Product Owner in a Scrum

Wednesday Marketing Series

7 Reasons to still use Email Marketing today

  Email Marketing has the longevity that no other form of marketing can offer. It still remains the powerful channel for any marketer irrespective of the new trends. And, here’s why – Email Marketing has a wide reach. [Tweet this] Some facts from Google – As seen from the images above, the reach of emails… Continue reading 7 Reasons to still use Email Marketing today

Tuesday Big Data Series

Need for Scalability: Data Explosion

Today, the world contains vast amount of digital data that is increasing rapidly. This endless pool of data, if managed and used effectively can lead to wider business opportunities. Image Source But, what is the cause of this data explosion? The number of people using the Internet by either providing information or interacting with the… Continue reading Need for Scalability: Data Explosion

Monday Technology Series

What a marketer needs to know about cookies?

Suppose you own a website or are a part of the marketing team for an e-commerce platform. As a marketer, what will you be interested in? Your interest may lie in any or all of the following – Total no. of page visits Unique visitors on the page Total no. of clicks Total no. of purchases or… Continue reading What a marketer needs to know about cookies?

Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the week : Subscribe

The term Subscribe is often used when one explicitly requests to receive services like emails, offers or newsletters in their inbox. This term is interchangeably used with opt-in. [Tweet this!] For example – You subscribe or opt-in – To receive a newsletter of your interest. To receive notifications when a blogger publishes a new post on a blog.… Continue reading Term of the week : Subscribe

Thursday Management Series

Scrum – A brief overview

For most of the people who have been working in the field of IT must be aware of Scrum methodology and might have even used it in their projects. Scrum is one of the frameworks for implementing agile. Now, what is Agile? Agile is alternative to traditional waterfall development and is known to be more… Continue reading Scrum – A brief overview