Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How Link Redirection Works

You can spin up a web server on your laptop by typing the following command in your terminal. python -m CGIHTTPServer That is it! You can test it out by creating an html file in the same folder called index.html and accessing it through browser by typing http://localhost:8000/index.html Let us say the contents of index.html was:… Continue reading How Link Redirection Works

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How to track Email Opens

Imagine you had something important to say to someone. And that only way you could say it was through an email. It could be professing love. Or applying for a job. Or seeking an advice. Or apologizing. You took days to write this email, poured your heart and soul into it, mustered the courage and… Continue reading How to track Email Opens

Monday Technology Series

What goes behind Email Tracking?

As an Email Marketer, the things that matter the most are: Target the right users Create effective campaigns Reduce unsubscription and spam complaints Customer Acquisition and retention Monitor and analyze how the email campaign has performed Monitoring and analyzing how the email campaign has performed is as important as the other steps (or maybe much more important!!) because –… Continue reading What goes behind Email Tracking?