Monday Technology Series

INFOGRAPHIC – SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

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Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the Week : NoSQL

NoSQL database is the solution to handle large volumes of structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. It was developed to handle the shortcomings of relational databases in the big data scenario. NoSQL databases are popular because of their simplicity in design, horizontal scaling, ability to handle large volumes of data in various formats and higher data availability. Related Posts:… Continue reading Term of the Week : NoSQL

Tuesday Big Data Series

An introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL database. It’s a new generation of database. In the past, web applications have used relational databases to store data. But, with growing data, scalability and availability of data are some of the main concerns of any web application (or an organization). MongoDB was designed with web applications in mind.… Continue reading An introduction to MongoDB

Monday Technology Series

SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Definition SQL Databases – These are relational databases. NoSQL Databases – These are non-relational or distributed databases. Data Storage Types SQL Databases – Single way to store data. NoSQL Databases – Multiple ways to store data – key-value stores, document stores, wide-column stores, graph stores. Data storage models SQL Databases – Data is stored in a table where… Continue reading SQL vs. NoSQL Simplified

Tuesday Big Data Series

What is NoSQL?

So, what has changed in the past few years? The volume of data has increased tremendously. The kind of data we are dealing with has changed. We no longer have the plain-old text format to deal with. We have audio, videos, images, and other complex formats of data that needs to be dealt with. Number of users… Continue reading What is NoSQL?