Tuesday Big Data Series

An introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL database. It’s a new generation of database. In the past, web applications have used relational databases to store data. But, with growing data, scalability and availability of data are some of the main concerns of any web application (or an organization). MongoDB was designed with web applications in mind.

MongoDB’s high throughput, unique BSON data model, and easily scalable architecture provides web developers with better tools to store their persistent data. The move from relational databases to NoSQL solutions can be an overwhelming task, which can be easily simplified by understanding MongoDB’s design goals. Let us look at some of the key features of MongoDB:

  1. It can store any type of data – structured, unstructured,polymorphic. With the variety of data available today, this is a must have feature for a database should have.
  2. It is a document oriented database. Only one document is capable to store all the information required. The fields of the document can have any type of information including arrays and embedded documents. This allows documents to have a very rich and flexible structure.
  3. Easily handles scalability.
  4. High data performance. It can process large amount of data(like in social media, Internet of things, higher number of transactions).
  5. It has all the functionalities of a RDBMS (indexes, query language). This makes the shift from RDBMS to MongoDB easier.
  6. It supports high data availability.
  7. It supports batch data processing.
  8. It supports data replication by syncing data across all servers, which is an important feature in any distributed cluster.
  9. It supports automatic load balancing (called as Auto Sharding) by moving the data automatically across shards evenly, when the balancer decides that it needs to be done.
  10. It has all the security features likes authorization and authentication.
  11. It supports automatic failover.
  12. MongoDB uses JSON objects to store and transmit information. JSON is the web standard protocol and it is a great advantage that both web and database use it.

Some of the biggest names like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services etc. are already offering MongoDB services. Organizations are using Hadoop, MongoDB and other big data technologies to analyze their data and users across the world.

MongoDB is the database for today’s applications: innovative, fast time-to-market, globally scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to operate. With MongoDB, you can build applications that were never possible with traditional relational databases.

Read more about it on their official website.

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