Thursday Management Series

Extreme Programming Vs. Scrum

We have discussed in detail what Scrum and Extreme Programming (or XP) are and how they work. Though, they might look similar in nature, they have some subtle differences. Let us look at these differences below – Scrum teams work in slightly longer iterations. The iteration or a Sprint in a Scrum can last from two weeks… Continue reading Extreme Programming Vs. Scrum

Thursday Management Series

7 things that kill employee motivation

Good leadership demands that as a leader you motivate employees. And, there are certain things that can kill employee motivation and should be avoided. Let us look at some of them below – Micromanaging employees 2. Making false or empty promises Image Source 3. Not considering their suggestions or ideas Image Source 4. Always focussing on their mistakes and… Continue reading 7 things that kill employee motivation

Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the Week : Scrum

Scrum is a framework to implement agile methodology for product development. Scrum projects develop the product in iterations. These iterations are fixed-length and are called Sprints. The sprint could last a week, or two weeks or even a month. This can be decided by studying the nature of the project. Every sprint has an end that is called… Continue reading Term of the Week : Scrum