Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Real Time Signaling – Storm Topologies

Philosopher: Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Storm Developer: It depends on the topology! WHEN If you are an advertiser, there are two common situations when you will absolutely need real time event processing: Transactional Emails / Trigger Based Emails: The user performs an action in one part of your product eco-system… Continue reading Real Time Signaling – Storm Topologies

Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the week – Apache Storm

Apache Storm is a system for processing streaming data in real time. Built on top of YARN, it is powerful for real-time analytics, machine learning and continuous monitoring operations. Some of the important characteristics of Apache Storm are – It is a distributed real-time computation system for processing large volumes of high-velocity data. It is… Continue reading Term of the week – Apache Storm

Tuesday Big Data Series

What is Apache Storm?

The ability to extract, transform and process real-time data is critical today. In the beginning, there wasn’t any support for real-time data processing. But, with the demand and constant technological progress, there are quite a few technologies now that support real-time data processing. Apache Storm is one of them. Apache Storm is a system for… Continue reading What is Apache Storm?