Thursday Management Series

10 ways to motivate your team

Motivation goes a long way! As a manager and a leader it is your responsibility to keep your team motivated at all times. A motivated and a happy team is more productive and performs better. Do you want to know how? Here are ten different ways you can motivate your team –

  1. Always appreciate their efforts. Thank them for their efforts.
The words 'Well done ' take seconds to say, but will be long remembered and appreciated.
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2. Give regular feedbacks; both positive and constructive.


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3. Create an open and trusting environment. Be approachable.


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4. Ask your team about their aspirations and help them achieve it.

I want to be a lawn!
I want to be a lawn!

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5. Be willing to listen to their concerns.


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6. Encourage new ideas and innovations given/suggested by the team.


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7. Encourage team to take up responsibilities and ownership.


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8. Celebrate success of a release or an achievement with the team by having team parties.


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9. Encourage team building activities to increase the bond between the team. This will also get them know you as a person.


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10. Include Recognitions and Rewards as a practice based on the performance.


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