Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Hello New Marketing Technologists, Your success in this role depends on you mastering key concepts in Marketing and Engineering. I have designed a 1 quarter course work. In these 30 minute sessions / blog posts, I will go over one concept a day. There will be 3/4 sessions per week. Here is the schedule for… Continue reading Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Monday Technology Series

What a marketer needs to know about cookies?

Suppose you own a website or are a part of the marketing team for an e-commerce platform. As a marketer,¬†what will you be interested in? Your interest¬†may lie in any or all of the following – Total no. of page visits Unique visitors on the page Total no. of clicks Total no. of purchases or… Continue reading What a marketer needs to know about cookies?