Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Hello New Marketing Technologists,

Your success in this role depends on you mastering key concepts in Marketing and Engineering. I have designed a 1 quarter course work. In these 30 minute sessions / blog posts, I will go over one concept a day. There will be 3/4 sessions per week.

Here is the schedule for the next 3 months.

Week 1:

1. Tuesday: How to track Email Opens
2. Wednesday: Querying Hadoop to calculate Email Opens
3. Thursday: How to track Email clicks on links

Week 2:

1. Tuesday: Writing Topologies to listen to Kafka Topics
2. Wednesday: Writing oozie workflows to query HDFS
3. Thursday: CI CD
4. Friday: Dashboard and alerts

Week 3:

1. Tuesday: Instrumenting for web (DCM Beacons)
2. Wednesday: Instrumenting for Mobile (Events)
3. Thursday: Instrumenting for Videos
4. Friday: Reporting overview – DCM, Appsflyer and In House

Week 4:

1. Tuesday: Newsletter Audience Buckets Overview
2. Wednesday: Newsletter – how the mail is constructed (different endpoints)
3. Thursday: CRM Infrastructure overview

Week 5:

1. Tuesday: Ad Marketplace – how the Publisher requests for an Ad.
2. Wednesday: Ad Marketplace – how the Advertiser bids on an impression
3. Thursday: Ad Marketplace – How the Attribution works
4. Friday: Why real time attribution is important.

Week 6:

1. Tuesday: How subscription management works
2. Wednesday: Overview of unsubscribe pages
3. Thursday: Rules for various campaigns – an overview
4. Friday: Kill, Bounce and Spamhaus

Week 7:

1. Tuesday: Internal DMP overview – Why.
2. Wednesday: Internal DMP – Tables, Protobuf and 21 writers
3. Thursday: Internal DMP – Consumers
4. Friday: How Subscription is updated in Internal DMP in real time.

Week 8:

1. Tuesday: Internal Targeting Tool – Overview
2. Wednesday: Internal Targeting Tool – the backend
3. Thursday: Internal Targeting Tool – User Lookup tool
4. Friday: Internal Targeting Tool – File upload

Week 9:

1. Tuesday: How Cookie Sync Works
2. Wednesday: DMP – Krux
3. Thursday: hGUID and Krux
4. Friday: Piggyback Pixels in DCM

Week 10:

1. Tuesday: Verizon Phones with Pre-installed Apps
2. Wednesday: Apple Appstore Search Ads
3. Thursday: Facebook Ads (Self attributing networks)
4. Friday: Samsung Pre Installs

Week 11:

1. Tuesday: Dynamic link redirection based on User Agent
2. Wednesday: Onelink setup, deeplinks, universal links
3. Thursday: Internal Tracking Tool – set up and overview
4. Friday: Internal Tracking and Reporting tools – where they need to be in sync.

Week 12:

1. Tuesday: Responsive Design Email Construction
2. Wednesday: Challenges with Yahoo Mail and the HTML Stripper
3. Thursday: Responsive design for email for Yahoo Mail

Week 13: BREAK!

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