Wednesday Marketing Series

8 ways to reduce user unsubcription complaints

In one of my posts, we talked about reasons why a user could be still receiving emails even though he has opted out or has unsubscribed from it. These reasons can help you investigate and debug the issue, if you are caught in one. Facing these situations once in a while is fine. But if it gets too frequent and the complaints are on a rise, then there is something really wrong! It is extremely important that unsubscriptions are managed promptly.

Here are a few ways that can help reduce user unsubscription complaints –

  1. Make sure the mailing list is managed periodically for unsubscriptions.
  1. Dedup the list by email address instead of any other field.
  1. Regularly update the database and make sure the mailing list is refreshed and is not stale.
  1. Periodically test the unsubscription link/page and see that it works as expected.
  1. If the unsubscription process is slow, and takes a couple of days, you need to revisit it and see ways to make it faster.
  1. Add recipient’s email address in the footer of the email. It usually looks like – “This email was sent to <email address>”. Also, add user’s first name in the salutation. This helps in troubleshooting the problem when a complaint arrives. When a complaint arrives, you can request the contact to send in the copy of the email received. The user can then be tracked by using his first name and email address and the problem can be identified.
  1. Be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  1. Make sure the unsubscription process is quick and easy. DO NOT annoy the user by asking him to fill out a form or by redirecting him to your homepage.

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