Thursday Management Series

5 reasons why a positive feedback is equally important

Being a part of any organization, all of us have attended the feedback sessions. These sessions are generally conducted by the immediate managers who tell you about how your performance has been so far and what is expected from you in the future. Some of the managers misconstrue the concept of effective feedback and focus only on the negative aspects of it. While, it’s important that negative feedback (or constructive feedback, as I like to call it!) is conveyed effectively, it is equally important that a positive feedback is conveyed with the same determination and intention.

Feedback sessions are an opportunity to bring out the best in people which in turn brings out the best in an organization. It is a platform where one can communicate with others and learn how to bring out the best. If done effectively, it can lead to better performance of an individual and more productivity. A positive feedback is very important for the following reasons –

  1. It boosts the morale of the employee. Any kind of appreciation makes us feel good. Appreciating work done in the past and praising them for their efforts will only make them happy to know that their efforts have been appreciated which will motivate them to give their best performance in the future as well.
  2. It is an important factor to keep the employees moving forward towards their goals.
  3. A positive feedback has a more tangible value. It shows that the efforts have been recognized and appraised.
  4. It encourages a desired behavior. By identifying the actions that have a positive impact, individuals can focus their efforts on these particular behaviors.
  5. It promotes self-confidence of an individual which will only make him perform better in future.

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