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What is a Landing Page?

In lay man terms, a Landing Page can be any page on the web where a visitor can arrive on, but with a purpose.

Now, we know that, a website is built of multiple pages. But a Landing Page serves a very important and a distinct purpose. Its goal is to capture visitors information or attention and guide them towards an intended goal (of conversion!).

Suppose, you own a business and you have a website and are active on various social media platforms. You have a good amount of social media following and you advertise your company and redirect the traffic to your website (to your homepage). But, what are they suppose to do on your website? You might think that once they are redirected to the homepage of your website, they might look around and browse through. But, with a good amount of traffic being redirected to a website that does not guarantee a conversion. Instead, it would be better to figure out what you want the visitor to do when they arrive to your website. A better approach would be to redirect or send them to a landing page that prompts them to complete or perform some action.

There are two types of Landing Pages –

  1. Click through Landing Pages

This is an example of a click through landing page. The goal of this page is to persuade the visitor to click through to reach another page. The first page usually gives visitor an idea of what it is all about and whats in store for them. These pages are generally used on e-commerce platforms, where the visitors can be persuaded to make a purchase. In the example below, the visitor can place an order or sign up for deals.


2. Lead Generation Landing Pages

This is an example of a lead generating landing page. They are used to capture user data such as name, phone number, email etc so that you can collect visitor information and connect with a prospect in future. These pages usually consist of a form that ask the visitor to submit their personal contact information and offer something in return like an ebook, or a free trial or maybe a webinar.


But, its very important to keep in mind not to ask too much information. The form should be precise. Keep it short and ask only for relevant information. Asking for too much can drive a prospect away. Remember, a Landing Page can have a direct impact on conversion, so make sure you use it wisely and effectively!

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