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Daily Yahoo – The Beginning

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain – Francis Bacon Friend 1: Are you seeing Yahoo homepage? Friend 2: Yes. Friend 1: Do you see what I see? Friend 2: No! It turns out that everyone sees different articles on Yahoo homepage. It is personalized heavily. What Yahoo does is, it sifts through… Continue reading Daily Yahoo – The Beginning

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What is a Landing Page?

In lay man terms, a Landing Page can be any page on the web where a visitor can arrive on, but with a purpose. Now, we know that, a website is built of multiple pages. But a Landing Page serves a very important and a distinct purpose. Its goal is to capture visitors information or… Continue reading What is a Landing Page?

Wednesday Marketing Series

Clickable display of Marketing Technology LUMAscape

LUMAscape organizes companies into various sectors and maintains landscapes, one of them which is the Marketing Technology landscape. We have tried to present a clickable ( or searchable) form of this display. Some of these companies have been acquired and they have been redirected to the current company that has acquired it. Sales & Marketing EMAIL OPTIMIZATION… Continue reading Clickable display of Marketing Technology LUMAscape