Thursday Management Series

Guide to one-on-one meetings – For Manager and Sub-ordinate

One-on-one meetings are an important platform for communication between the manager and the sub-ordinate. The purpose of one-on-one meetings for manager and the employee differs, but is equally important for both.

As a manager, your purpose is to –

  • Track performance of the employee.
  • Give value-added feedback.
  • Find out more about the employee; whether he is happy, stressed out etc.
  • Discuss specific issues if required.
  • Share updates about the company or the project.
  • Clearly state the goals.
  • Let the employee know if there are any improvements needed or if he needs to attend some kind of training.
  • Learn if the employee is facing any obstacle which can stop him from achieving his goals.

As an employee or a sub-ordinate, your purpose is to –

  • Raise issues or concerns if any.
  • Make the manager aware of any obstacles that might affect the end goal.
  • Share your aspirations and interests on the kind of work you would like to do.
  • Ask any questions about the company or the project that you might be interested to learn about.
  • Get a good feedback about your performance and if there is anything else that you are expected to do.
  • Showcase your work (Remember , do not boast!) and your contribution to the project in achieving it’s goal.

One-on-one meetings should be a two-way conversation and should be a forum where both the manager and employee can share their thoughts and concerns. It should end on a good note with take-aways for the both of them.  It is always good to keep formal as well as informal lines of communication open. Clear and effective communication is important for the growth of an individual as well as the growth of the team or company as a whole.

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