Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How Daily Yahoo Newsletter Makes Money

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu. Let me start this post with something totally unrelated – the making of atomic bomb. As you all know, it needs Uranium. Uranium comes in two flavors – the abundant 238 flavor and the rare 235 flavor. If you start with… Continue reading How Daily Yahoo Newsletter Makes Money

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Daily Yahoo – The Scale It Up Phase

Fluttering of a butterfly can cause a tornado. The Daily Yahoo Newsletter experiment was the proverbial fluttering of butterfly that caused a tornado for Yahoo CRM Marketing team. Yahoo used to outsource the CRM operations to Cheetahmail. The deal was – one dollar got you 100 emails. Or 1000 emails. Or 10,000 emails. I forget… Continue reading Daily Yahoo – The Scale It Up Phase

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Daily Yahoo – The Beginning

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain – Francis Bacon Friend 1: Are you seeing Yahoo homepage? Friend 2: Yes. Friend 1: Do you see what I see? Friend 2: No! It turns out that everyone sees different articles on Yahoo homepage. It is personalized heavily. What Yahoo does is, it sifts through… Continue reading Daily Yahoo – The Beginning

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How to track Email Opens

Imagine you had something important to say to someone. And that only way you could say it was through an email. It could be professing love. Or applying for a job. Or seeking an advice. Or apologizing. You took days to write this email, poured your heart and soul into it, mustered the courage and… Continue reading How to track Email Opens

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Hello New Marketing Technologists, Your success in this role depends on you mastering key concepts in Marketing and Engineering. I have designed a 1 quarter course work. In these 30 minute sessions / blog posts, I will go over one concept a day. There will be 3/4 sessions per week. Here is the schedule for… Continue reading Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Monday Technology Series

What is Double opt-in process?

Double opt-in is a process which requires email recipients confirm that they want to receive further email communication. When a double opt-in process is enabled or setup, it will send out a follow-up email after a user subscribes to a service or a subscription. In the follow-up email, it is required that the recipient confirms his… Continue reading What is Double opt-in process?

Monday Technology Series

INFOGRAPHIC – 7 reasons why your email may have bounced

To know more, read the complete post here.

Thursday Management Series

6 Tips to write an effective email

Emails are an important way to exchange messages, especially, in the professional scenario. An incorrect tone or irrelevant message can lead to a wrong message being conveyed to the recipient. There are times when the email is being skipped or ignored by the recipient because the message was not conveyed effectively. Hence, here are a… Continue reading 6 Tips to write an effective email

Monday Technology Series

7 Reasons why your email may have bounced

A bounced email means that the email was never delivered to the recipient. Does it happen? Yes! Does it happen often? Yes, can happen often! Why does it happen? Well, let’s see the reasons- 1. Recipient mailbox is full or has exceeded his quota- An email will bounce until there is space for it in the… Continue reading 7 Reasons why your email may have bounced

Friday "Term of the week" Series

Term of the week : Campaign

The term Campaign or Email Campaign or Marketing Campaign refers to the activity done in order to promote a business, product or a service [Tweet this!]. An Email Campaign uses Email as the medium to create awareness amongst the audience. The aim of a campaign is to reach large number of potential customers or buyers.… Continue reading Term of the week : Campaign