Monday Technology Series

7 Reasons why your email may have bounced

A bounced email means that the email was never delivered to the recipient. Does it happen? Yes! Does it happen often? Yes, can happen often! Why does it happen? Well, let’s see the reasons-

1. Recipient mailbox is full or has exceeded his quota- An email will bounce until there is space for it in the recipient’s mailbox.

2. The email was blocked by the server. This usually happens in organizations or institutes where the email address are blocked for security reasons.

3. The receiving server is temporarily unavailable or overloaded.

4. Incorrect or invalid email address – It could be possible that you have an incorrect email address on your list which does not exist at all, or an email address with a typo. It could also be possible that a false email address was submitted by the customer. In any of these cases, an email will fail to reach the inbox. Make sure you remove these emails from the future lists.

5. Recipient has activated auto-reply or vacation reply.

6. The sender IP address you are using has been blocked.

7. The email was blocked by the recipient if they no longer wish to receive emails from them.

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