Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Real Time Signaling – Storm Topologies

Philosopher: Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Storm Developer: It depends on the topology! WHEN If you are an advertiser, there are two common situations when you will absolutely need real time event processing: Transactional Emails / Trigger Based Emails: The user performs an action in one part of your product eco-system… Continue reading Real Time Signaling – Storm Topologies

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How Link Redirection Works

You can spin up a web server on your laptop by typing the following command in your terminal. python -m CGIHTTPServer That is it! You can test it out by¬†creating an html file in the same folder called index.html and accessing it through browser by typing http://localhost:8000/index.html Let us say the contents of index.html was:… Continue reading How Link Redirection Works

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How to query Hadoop for getting counts

$100,000 One Hundred Thousand Dollars. Just sitting there in plain sight – waiting to be picked up. It is yours, if you only have the courage and wisdom to pick it up. No one is stopping you! There is no resistance. “What is the catch?”, you may ask. There is none really! It is an… Continue reading How to query Hadoop for getting counts

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

How to track Email Opens

Imagine you had something important to say to someone. And that only way you could say it was through an email. It could be professing love. Or applying for a job. Or seeking an advice. Or apologizing. You took days to write this email, poured your heart and soul into it, mustered the courage and… Continue reading How to track Email Opens

Introduction To Marketing Technology Course

Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Hello New Marketing Technologists, Your success in this role depends on you mastering key concepts in Marketing and Engineering. I have designed a 1 quarter course work. In these 30 minute sessions / blog posts, I will go over one concept a day. There will be 3/4 sessions per week. Here is the schedule for… Continue reading Intro To MarTech: Course Overview

Wednesday Marketing Series

How to unlock insights using data from past marketing campaigns

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain or Rita Mae Have you ever wondered “why is every marketing campaign in my company executed like it is the first time we are doing this?” “Why are we not learning from the… Continue reading How to unlock insights using data from past marketing campaigns

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What is a Landing Page?

In lay man terms, a Landing Page can be any page on the web where a visitor can arrive on, but with a purpose. Now, we know that, a website is built of multiple pages. But a Landing Page serves a very important and a distinct purpose. Its goal is to capture visitors information or… Continue reading What is a Landing Page?