Wednesday Marketing Series

6 must-ask questions to ask after the launch of a campaign

Congratulations! You have successfully launched a campaign. Whether it was your first campaign or not, it’s important that you study the responses and spend some time analyzing how it went. This will help in planning the strategies for the next launch as well as rectifying any mistakes that were made in the previous launch. The following questions must be asked to begin the analysis –

  1. How many total responses did you get? For instance, how many users opened the emails, how many clicked on the links or buttons within the email or how many page visits did you get etc.
  1. What were the counts for various kinds of responses? Once you have the total counts from step 1, breakdown these counts to see individual counts for different types of responses like total opens, total clicks, total page visits, total logins etc.
  1. How many users clicked on the unsubscribe link?
  1. How many users marked the email as spam?
  1. If the campaign was targeted to users in multiple demographic locations, which location responded the best and the worst?
  1. Breakdown the counts from step 1 to step 5 further into categories. For example, you can pull the counts for total opens per gender or per location to see how many opens were received from US and how many of them were male users. Or, you can filter these counts by age group to see how which age group responds. These filters will depend on the type of product you market.
  1. Were there are any complaints from users? For example, complaints regarding their consent or the content or maybe un-subscription?

Marketers need to find answers to the above questions before launching their next campaign. This analysis will tell them exactly which emails resonate with which users and how many of them are likely to respond in future.

Marketing is ineffective if you do not study how the users responded to it. So, make sure you go through these questions every time after a campaign is launched.

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